Shell Gas Card Savings

By now, we all realize that the cost of gasoline will only continue rising. I’ve got a little tip for those who use Shell gas in your vehicles or may consider doing so. If you purchase your fuel with a Shell Gas Station Card, you can save up to 6% of your cost. You don’t save this 6% directly at the pump when you fill up, but instead, you get each amount rebated back to you in the form of cash back bonuses.

Years ago it was quite popular to use a particular brand name Shell Gas Station Card, such as Shell, Amoco, Exxon, etc., to use for all of your purchases at your preferred brand gas station. Over the years these companies have moved away from these types of cards. Today, they are partnering with major credit card companies to offer MasterCard® and VISA® with restricted cash back and bonus deals in exchange for your loyalty. My friend I over at tattoo removal Atlanta has one of these, and uses it almost every day.

Now, you cannot use just any MasterCard® or VISA® for gas station credit cards, though many, but not all, do allow you 1% cash back. So, to get your best deal, it pays to know Continue reading

Tips on Shell Gas Stations

Owning a gas station continues to be a stable business. Having worked with many customers on selling and buying shell gas stations in US, here are our thoughts and recommendations.  It is somewhat unique to different industries because the gas and oil industry changes and advances constantly. In any case, regardless of changes in the types of fuels utilized as a part of vehicles now and in the future, customers will certainly need stations to dispense these fuels. The industry continues to see steady growth. Factors like comfort alternatives, volume of gas sold, quality of equipment and location will all affect profitability and the initial purchase price. Notwithstanding, changes in the economy and savage competition are known risk factors that must not be neglected.
There are two types of shell gas stations in US: accommodation stores that sell shell gas and shell gas stations with stores. How about we  define the difference to avoid any confusion.

Accommodation stores that sell gas operate like small-scale supermarkets selling food items in addition to selling gas. Fuel stations with a store primarily sell gas, additionally sell snacks and travel items and may have a car wash and or a vehicle service station for oil changes and other mechanical services. If the gas station has a comfort store associated with it the value will be higher as the items in the store typically have a high profit margin and can account for as much as 80% of profits. Although fundamentally the same, it is important to know the differences when looking at the purchase price. The higher the profit margins, the higher the asking price. brought to you by Gemini and the Bear Photography!
Further examination of pricing and profits is related to the volume of gasoline sold and the station’s location. At the point when buying shell gas station, search for Continue reading

Shell Oil Company

The oil and gas field is vital for the world economy. Though  OPEC seems to be playing with the prices of oil from time to time, the importance of the oil and gas industry cannot be denied these days. Shell Oil Company is a leader in this field, and they deserve our attention in this article. We are going to talk about Shell Oil Company and the things this firm has in store for the world. Shell Oil Company strives to give the world all the oil and gas it needs, though this is not so easy as we might think.
Meeting Energy Needs
Shell Oil Company aims at meeting the energy needs of the world in ways that just are more socially, environmentally, and economically viable, in the future and now. The firm was founded in 1907, but its history dates back to the 19th century.  The headquarters are in the Netherlands (which my buddy over at Orlando Voip went to last month) and Royal Dutch Shell is the parent firm of the group. The latter has been incorporated in Wales and England. Shell Oil Company is truly a leader in the important oil and gas industry currently, while the firm also tries to keep with the global energy demand in a very responsible way.
Higher Purpose
Shell Oil Company also believes that gas and oil will remain a vital part of the world economy in the future. The firm strives to Continue reading